Setting up iCloud synchronization

You can Sync all data from Task Office with iCloud and use it on any Mac, iPad or iPhone registered under a specific Apple ID. This synchronization is done via Apple Server and the entire infrastructure is provided by Apple. The only requirement is an active Internet connection and that the devices are all registered under the same Apple ID, use the same iCloud account, and that iCloud Drive is enabled. Once you have iCloud set up on your device you will be able to access your tasks, projects, contacts, calendar.

Note: to ensure the syncing works correctly, upgrade all your Apple devices and install the latest version of Task Office.

To start working with app data on different devices make sure iCloud is enabled on your Mac. Firstly, go to System Preferences ▸ iCloud ▸ sing in with your Apple ID.

Go to iCloud Drive field ▸ Options ▸ put a check mark near Task Office icon.

And, secondly, enable Calendar and Contacts access. Go to System preferences ▸ Security & Privacy ▸ Calendars ▸ put a check mark near Task Office icon.

Note: if iCloud Sync is activated, then all data from app are saved on Apple Server only. You will use this data all the time while iCloud Sync is turned ON. If you turn OFF the toggles for the Task Office, then you will use app data that was saved locally on your device.

If, contrary to expectations, there are synchronization problems, the following steps can solve the problem:

  1. Delete Task Office app from the device.

  2. Make sure that iCloud Drive is activated for Task Office app. 

  3. Restart the device.

  4. After restarting the device, you can reinstall Task Office app again.


If this did not help then follow these steps to disconnect your device from iCloud and re-connect it afterwards:

  1. Open System Preferences ▸ iCloud ▸ Sing out.

  2. Follow the instructions. 

  3. Restart the device.

  4. After rebooting: sign in again, specifically to the exact same Apple ID of the device where Task Office is installed.

  5. Wait 10-20 minutes - this is important as iCloud independently decides when all data will be transferred to the Apple servers.

Note: check in advance if the date settings of the device are correct. Date and time should be set automatically. Manual date or time settings can lead to problems with iCloud services.

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